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Longing For God; Love One Another More





親愛的弟兄姊妹 & 朋友:願您們平安!


芝城台灣社區教會的弟兄姊妹都是一群重生得救的基督徒,以及追求真 理的朋友。在這裡,我們習慣用母語~台語來敬拜上帝、追求聖經真理; 同時在主愛裡,彼此扶持、彼此勸勉、同得造就,活出主愛中的生命樣式; 並且齊心宣揚主耶穌救恩的福音、榮耀上帝的聖名。


6/9/2024 週報
6/2/2024 週報

Why People Come

Anna Green

Anyone who doesn’t feel good about themselfes and those who got lost in life should come meet us at our church – we know what it’s like to be where you are, and we will show you the power of His Word.

Anna Green

Nick Johnson

I know I am not alone in the universe. I was so lucky and blessed to meet all the wonderful people who are now my friends, and it all happened because of your church. Thank you all for being there for me.

Nick Johnson

Emily Walsh

I am really grateful to this church for the support that I have received when my family needed a prayer and a hand of a friend. We found God, and He is powerful. I encourage you to join our community!

Emily Walsh


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