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07/06/2024 週報

7/6/2024 Sunday Service 主日禮拜 :
將於 10:00AM 開始在教堂舉行
直播 Live : 上午十點後,可由點擊下列 “YouTube 網址” 進入參加網站直播禮拜
If you cannot join the service at church (10 AM),
Please click on the link below for the virtual Sunday Service:


1. 十月12-13日為教會今年退修會的預定日期,請兄弟姊妹預留時間,盡量不要安排外出,也歡迎邀請親友來教會參加。退修會講師為胡忠倫牧師(台福教會總幹事)。
The Church retreat is scheduled on 10/12/24 – 10/13/24. please reserve time to attend. You are also welcome to invite family members and friends to participate. The lecturer of the retreat is Pastor Allen Hu (Evangelical Formosan Church)

Children’s Sunday school will resume on 7/14.


The Young Adult Sunday School will be held after Sunday Service on 7/21.

4. 團契關懷組訂於每禮拜二早上10:30在 York Town Mall 一起走路健身、午餐交誼,歡迎兄姊參加。

The fellowship/care group decided to walk fitness and have lunch together at Yorktown Mall every Tuesday at 10:30 am. All are welcome to participate.

【代禱&關懷Intercession and Concerns】
  1. 教會Church ministry:為教會十月退修會的籌備、講師&進行。為兒童主日學恢復上課,老師與學生。Pray for the preparation of Church retreat in October, for resuming of Children’s Sunday school classes.
  2. 家庭Family:求主憐憫與醫治俊旺兄、淑玲姐、圓華姊、秀睿姐、秀麗姐、美雲姐。求主引導與保守外出的兄姊。 Pray for God’s mercy and healing to keep our brothers and sisters in good health and pray for those who are away from home.
  3. 社區Community&世界World:為美國再來十一月的總統大選求主掌權,選出一位合主心意的領袖。為福音在台灣早日遍傳。為世界多處的戰爭早日平息。 Pray for the Lord to take control of the United States in the presidential election in November, for the gospel to spread throughout Taiwan, and pray for the wars in many parts of the world to be ended soon.
【本週聚會 This Week’s Calendar】
(Wed週三) 7:30PM  祈禱會
7/10 Prayer (WebEx) Meeting
(Fri 週五) 7:30PM 查經班 7/12 Bible Study (WebEx) Meeting主理:陳牧師 傳道書 7-8章

參加週三和週五聚會,請copy & paste下列 URL連結進入webex

或用電話進入:650-479-3208 Access Code:126 086 8176 #

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