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5/19/2024 週報

5/19/2024 Sunday Service 主日禮拜 :
將於 10:00AM 開始在教堂舉行
直播 Live : 上午十點後,可由點擊下列 “YouTube 網址” 進入參加網站直播禮拜
If you cannot join the service at church (10 AM),
Please click on the link below for the virtual Sunday Service:


1. 本主日是聖靈降臨節,也是紀念教會開始的日子。 This Sunday                                 

 is we will commemorate Pentecost. It’s a day that marks the beginning of the Church.

2. 本主日禮拜之後有社青成人主日學,請參加。

Young Adults Sunday School will be held today after the service.

3. 禮拜五(24日)查經聚會之後,召開小會,請長老留步。

A Board of Elders meeting will be held on 5/24 after the Bible study meeting.

4. 長執會議決:為關心花蓮玉山神學院在地震之後重建的奉獻,將在五月第四主日(26日)截止,若有感動奉獻的兄姊,支票上請註明為玉神賑災。Encourage brothers and sisters to pray and give offerings for the needs of the people affected by the Hualien earthquake. The offerings will be taken until 5/26.


Communion will be held on 6/2 during the service.

【代禱&關懷Intercession and Concerns】

1.教會Church ministry:為教會的聖工、使命,遵主心意,蒙主保守。 Pray for every sacred work and mission of the church, obey the will of the Lord and be preserved by the Lord.

2.家庭Family:為主內兄弟姊妹的身、心、靈健康與強壯。為外出的兄弟姊妹平安。Pray for God’s mercy and blessings to keep our brothers and sisters in Christ healthy and strong physically, mindfully, and spiritually.

3.社區Community&世界World:為人與  上帝的和好,人與人之間的和睦、國與國的和平。 Pray for the reconciliation of man to God, the peace between men, and the peace between nations.   

【本週聚會 This Week’s Calendar】
(Wed週三) 7:30PM  祈禱會
5/22 Prayer (WebEx) Meeting
(Fri 週五) 7:30PM 查經班 5/24 Bible Study (WebEx) Meeting主理:鄧培德 馬可福音第15-16章

參加週三和週五聚會,請copy & paste下列 URL連結進入webex

或用電話進入:650-479-3208 Access Code:126 086 8176 #

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