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6/9/2024 週報

6/9/2024 Sunday Service 主日禮拜 :
將於 10:00AM 開始在教堂舉行
直播 Live : 上午十點後,可由點擊下列 “YouTube 網址” 進入參加網站直播禮拜
If you cannot join the service at church (10 AM),
Please click on the link below for the virtual Sunday Service:


1. 下主日(六月16日)舉行芝城台語教會聯合父親節野外禮拜。
禮拜於10:30 AM開始;地點: Lake Park, Lake Park South Pavilion(1012 Touhy Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018),有意一起前往參加的兄姊若尚未報名,請在今天之前趕緊告訴英蘭長老。
6/16(Sunday) 10:30am – The Chicago Taiwanese Church Joint Father’s Day Outdoor service at Lake Park, Des Plaines.

2. 六月18日(下禮拜二)10:30am~11:45am 關懷&團契組於教會二樓教室(禮拜堂側廳)舉行團契交誼聚會,主題為:大家談。聚會後教會備有簡單的午餐(Pizza),歡迎兄姊一起來參加。

3.因逢暑假孩子回台灣,兒童主日學暫停至七月21日再開始。Children’s Sunday school class is suspended due to the summer vacation (will be resumed on 7/21).

【代禱&關懷Intercession and Concerns】

1.教會Church ministry:為教會的福音宣揚、一切聖工代禱。 Pray for every sacred work and mission of the church, obey the will of the Lord and be preserved by the Lord.

2.家庭Family:為兄弟姊妹的身、心、靈健康與強壯。為外出的兄弟姊妹平安。Pray for God’s mercy and blessings to keep our brothers and sisters in Christ healthy and strong physically, mindfully, and spiritually.

3.社區Community&世界World:為台灣的執政者有智慧、社會和睦&眾教會。為世界多處的戰爭早日平息。 Pray for Taiwan’s society, the nation leaders, the churches, and the harmony between people. Pray that the wars in many parts of the world will end soon.

【本週聚會 This Week’s Calendar】
(Wed週三) 7:30PM  祈禱會
6/12 Prayer (WebEx) Meeting
(Fri 週五) 7:30PM 查經班 6/14 Bible Study (WebEx) Meeting主理:陳牧師 傳道書 1-2

參加週三和週五聚會,請copy & paste下列 URL連結進入webex

或用電話進入:650-479-3208 Access Code:126 086 8176 #

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