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08/09/2020 週報

8/09/2020 網路主日禮拜將於 10:00AM 開始,準時點一下 YouTube 畫面一起來崇拜 …

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 下主日(八月十六日)教會恢復實體禮拜,禮拜時間為十點至十一點。因故無法來參加的兄姊, 亦可在網路禮拜,禮拜時間為下午兩點。Sunday Services at church will be resumed on 8/16 at 10AM; The online service will be available on TCC website at ~2PM. 
  2. 教會恢復實體禮拜的相關細節,請按此參看附加檔案。Click here to see the details of Sunday Services Resuming plan.
  1. 原訂九月12日三間台語教會的敬老禮拜與活動,因疫情的緣故,暫停舉行。9/12 (Honor Senior Day) Taiwanese church joint service/celebration suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. 八月12日(禮拜三)下午2點,請兄姊一起來清潔禮拜堂。請記得戴上口罩,攜帶抹布與水桶。 Need volunteers to clean the chapel on 8/12(Wed), starts at 2PM. Please wear a mask and bring your own cleaning cloth and water bucket.

【本週聚會 This Week’s Calendar


Sunday school

 (Sun週日) 9:45AM    暫停 Pause



Choir Practice

 (Sun週日) 1:30PM     暫停 Pause

Truth Sharing

 (Wed週三) 1:30PM    暫停一次(Pause once)

           Conference Call or LINE video                          



 (Wed週三) 2:30PM    暫停 Pause


查經聚會Bible Study (Fri.週五) 7:30PM      詩篇Psalms第22篇

           Conference Call or LINE video


Prayer Meeting

 (Sat.週六) 11:00AM    暫停 Pause


PS:禮拜三Wednesday下午(1:30pm) & 禮拜五Friday晚上(7:30pm)

 Conference Call: 電話Phone#:605-475-4000 / Code: 580349#

LINE Video: Join 請加入【TCCC Bible Study Group】

【本週靈修 讀經進度】

禮拜日(8/09) 約書亞記Joshua 8章
禮拜一(8/10) 約書亞記Joshua 9章
禮拜二(8/11) 約書亞記Joshua 10章
禮拜三(8/12) 約書亞記Joshua 11-12章
禮拜四(8/13) 約書亞記Joshua 13-14章
禮拜五(8/14) 約書亞記Joshua 15章
禮拜六(8/15) 約書亞記Joshua 16-17章





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