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4/12/2020 週報

4/12 復活節網路 主日禮拜將於11:00am 開始,請一起準時來崇拜 …

消息報告 Announcements

  1. 為配合政府防疫的措施,四月份的主日禮拜繼續在網路上舉行。請由教會的網頁,進入參加主日視訊禮拜。 President Trump announced the extension of the home quarantine date to April 30 to help control the spread of COVID-19, so the Sunday service will remain online in April.
  2. 請每位兄姊在居家避疫或工作期間,做下列幾件事:常與家人交談,並藉由電話、網路與親友彼此關懷。 b.多參加教會的視訊禱告會。 c.多親近主,按照進度讀聖經思想上帝恩典、多為他人禱告、多關心他人,施比受更為有福。In the coming month, please stay at home to avoid the epidemic whenever possible, and try to do the following: (A) Talk to your family often, and care for your relatives, friends, and neighbors using phone or Internet.  (B) Call into the church conference room to attend a telephone prayer meeting.  (C) Read the Bible and think of God’s grace often; pray more and care for others, because giving is more blessed than receiving.
  3. 為教會事工、福音宣揚拓展上帝國、關懷軟弱,請繼續擺上您的關心,參與奉獻;可以郵寄您奉獻的支票到教會來。教會也為信徒預備奉獻信封,已郵寄到信徒的家。Please keep praying and supporting the ministry of TCC. You may mail your offering to church, or give your offering when we resume regular Sunday services.
  4. 【本週聚會 This Week’s Calendar

    Sunday school

     (Sun週日) 9:45AM    暫停



    Choir Practice

     (Sun週日) 1:30PM     暫停

    Truth Sharing

     (Wed週三) 1:30PM      彼此關懷、禱告

    Conference Call



     (Wed週三) 2:30PM    暫停



    Bible Study

     (Fri.週五) 7:30PM       彼此關懷、禱告

    Line Video Call


    Prayer Meeting

     (Sat.週六) 11:00AM    暫停


    PS:禮拜三Wednesday下午(1:30pm) & 禮拜五Friday晚上(7:30pm)

    Conference Call: 電話Phone#:605-475-4000 / Code: 580349#

    LINE Video: Join 請加入【TCCC Bible Study Group】


    【本週靈修 讀經進度】

    禮拜日(4/12) 利未記Leviticus 7章
    禮拜一(4/13) 利未記Leviticus 8-9章
    禮拜二(4/14) 利未記Leviticus 10章
    禮拜三(4/15) 利未記Leviticus 11-12章
    禮拜四(4/16) 利未記Leviticus 13章
    禮拜五(4/17) 利未記Leviticus 14章
    禮拜六(4/18) 利未記Leviticus 15章


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